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Agency Wellness Committees Organize Wellness Activities

Worksite wellness programs and activities for DHHS employees are primarily provided though Wellness Committees in each division, office, and facility within the Department. Wellness committee members represent the agency’s organizational levels and diversity of employees. Committee members are authorized by the DHHS Wellness Policy to use 4 hours monthly of work time for wellness committee responsibilities.

Each DHHS division, office, and facility director designates a Wellness Representative to provide oversight for their wellness program and serve as the key contact for the Department Wellness Program. DHHS Wellness Representatives provide leadership to ensure that wellness committees develop and implement an annual wellness plan for their agency with measurable objectives. Wellness Representatives are also responsible for reporting to the agency director and the department on their wellness program needs and accomplishments.

Agency Wellness Representatives and key department staff serve as members of the DHHS Wellness Council. The Council is staffed by the DHHS Wellness Coordinator and meets quarterly to develop recommendations for the Secretary regarding organizational policy issues that affect the implementation of wellness programs and employee participation in wellness activities.

Department level oversight, leadership, and evaluation for the DHHS Wellness Program are provided by the Wellness Coordinator.  The Wellness Coordinator chairs the Wellness Council to guide program planning at the department level and develop wellness policy, provides technical assistance to agency Wellness Representatives on wellness resources, and assists them in designing effective wellness programs using evidence-based interventions. The Coordinator conducts annual employee and agency surveys to guide program planning and evaluate the program and reports directly to the Secretary on the accomplishments and needs of the Wellness Program. The Wellness Coordinator works closely with the State Health Plan, Office of State Human Resources, and other state agencies and programs to coordinate wellness efforts and identify available resources for the Program.

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