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Wellness Policies Support Worksite Programs

Organizational policies that support employees wanting to make healthier lifestyle choices are important to creating effective worksite wellness programs. Examples of workplace policies that support wellness include smok free workplace policies, healthy food policies for work events, allowing space for fitness equipment, supporting flexible work schedules to allow participation in wellness activities, and requiring food vendors to offer healthier selections. Some of these, such as smoke free policies, may require a formal review and approval process at the highest level of state government. Others, such as a healthy food policy for events, can be informally adopted at any level within an organization.  

The NC Office of State Human Resources Worksite Wellness Policy was approved for all state employees covered by the State Personnel Act to increase support for worksite wellness programs within state government.  The policy, developed with input from the State Health Plan and the DHHS Wellness Program, addresses a number of state government administrative barriers that had limited the implementation of effective wellness programs for state employees. The policy also outlines a recommended organizational structure for state government wellness programs.

The DHHS Wellness Policies support the OSHR Worksite Wellness Policy and provide additional guidance on implementation of wellness programs in the department and on employee participation in wellness activities. 

For questions about the worksite wellness policy, contact the DHHS Wellness Coordinator or 919 855-4923. Ready NC Connect NC