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NC SNAP-NC Support Needs Assessment Profile

Examiner Certification Training

NC-SNAP assessments can only be administered by certified NC-SNAP examiners. In addition, NC-SNAP certification is only available to those individuals with the appropriate credentials who are in a position that requires them to complete or review NC-SNAP assessments as part of their job responsibilities.

Typically, an individual's Care Coordinator will be responsible for the administration of the NC-SNAP. In situations where a person receiving DD services does not have a Care Coordinator assigned, it is preferred that a knowledgeable Qualified Professional (QP) be assigned the responsibility for administering the NC-SNAP; however, in the absence of a care Coordinator, the LME/MCO will be responsible for assigning the administration of the NC-SNAP to a DD service provider (e.g., group home supervisor, day program manager, or vocational program manager.)

It is recommended that the following individuals receive training to become NC-SNAP certified examiners:

  • Case manager Supervisor,  Care Coordinator Supervisor
  • Case managers, Care Coordinators
  • QP assigned to administer the NC-SNAP

Para-professionals should not be assigned responsibility for administering the NC-SNAP assessment.

All persons requesting NC-SNAP examiner training must be referred for examiner training by, and register through, the Local Management Entity/Managed CAre Organization (i.e., training sites cannot accept NC-SNAP examiner training registration requests directly from provider agencies).

Once a person has successfully completed NC-SNAP examiner training, he or she will be assigned an NC-SNAP examiner certification number that must be recorded on all completed NC-SNAP assessments.

Effective October 1, 2007, a person’s NC-SNAP certification will be inactivated after fifteen months of inactivity (if assessments are not received by the LME/MCO, they are not counted as completed). To be re-certified, an examiner must register for and successfully complete NC-SNAP certification training as outlined above. Ready NC Connect NC