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NC-SNAP (NC Support Needs Assessment Profile)

Look-Behind Quality Assurance Program

The re-administration or "look-behind" of NC-SNAP assessments is part of the ongoing quality assurance process in place to monitor the integrity of the NC-SNAP profile information that is transmitted to the state. The look-behind effort requires certified examiners to re-administer the NC-SNAP for individuals recently assessed by another examiner.

Look-behind assignments are randomly selected from the NC-SNAP data reported to the state and assignments are forwarded monthly to LME/MCO and Developmental Center staff for administration. LME/MCO staff is responsible for conducting NC-SNAP look-behind assessments on 5% of the assessments completed at the four Developmental Centers in the previous month. Developmental Center NC-SNAP co-instructors are responsible for conducting NC-SNAP look-behind assessments on 5% of the assessments completed in the community in the previous month.

Look-behind re-administrations should be based on comprehensive input from a respondent who knows the individual well and should be conducted independently, without regard for scores achieved on previous administrations.

The timeliness of the look-behind assessment is an important aspect of the look-behind quality assurance function; therefore, all look-behind assessments must be returned to SNAP Central within 30 days.

If selected, certified NC-SNAP examiners are required to participate in the look-behind effort. Participation will typically consist of a brief ten to fifteen minute phone interview with the look-behind examiner. Consent forms are not required to conduct a look-behind assessment because no identifying information is shared (i.e., only unique ID numbers are used to identify the individual being assessed so that the he or she remains anonymous).

Mail look-behind assessments to:
Rachel Noell,
IDD/Program Manager
Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and 
Substance Abuse Services
3001 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-3001
919-715-1294 Ready NC Connect NC