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Plan(s) of Correction

Information regarding Plan(s) of Correction (POC) will be posted on this web page. Below, please find links to the current Plan of Correction policy and blank forms for your use.

Current Plan of Correction Policy

What is a Plan of Correction (POC)?

When an LME or provider is found to be in noncompliance with current policy due to a deficiency or violation, a Plan of Correction (POC) is required. The following components are required.

  1. Must address the rule(s) cited
  2. State the action already taken or action which will be taken to ensure correction and maintain compliance.
  3. Address methods that will be used to monitor and evaluate the corrective action (who, what, when)
  4. Give a date for facility to be in compliance if a violation cited, facility will give a date of compliance for deficiencies cited.


*If you choose to use the blank electronic form, please ensure you select the appropriate form.

**For LME (and other) assigned POCs, you will need to contact the assigning agency for mailing / e-mailing instructions. Please do not send LME (and other) assigned POCs to DMH/DD/SAS.

Prior to e-mailing forms to DMH/DD/SAS, please ensure the name of the file has been changed to reflect your agency name. EX:  Change required-poc-blankform.doc To ABC-CompanyPOC.doc)

If you have questions regarding the POC policy, please contact Pett Brands at

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