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NC Department of Health and Human Services Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services

Supported Housing

North Carolina uses federal, state and local resources to help people with disabilities live and work and in their communities.  Federal, state and local housing and service providers work together. They develop housing options such as rent subsidies for tenants and incentives to landlords and developers to house people with disabilities.

Housing Resources

The NC DHHS Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services has developed a Bed Availability Database where searches can be done across the state showing permanent housing resource options and availability such as; Supportive Housing apartments, Alternative Family Living housing, Mental Health Group Homes, and Family Care Homes. 

Search for Housing and have user friendly websites where supported housing logo searches can be done across the state showing resources such as Section 8, subsidized, public and multi-unit assisted living housing.

The NC DHHS Division of Aging and Adult Services maintains an online housing inventory targeting their population on their website.

A Place to Call Home: A Simple Housing Planner for People with Disabilities Using the Housing Choice Voucher is also a good resource.

DMH/DD/SAS Housing Staff and LME/MCO Housing Specialists

The Division has one full-time housing administrator and one full-time housing specialist to address consumers’ housing needs.  Technical assistance is provided to local housing specialists at the local management entities (LME/MCO) in making housing and supports available

Each LME/MCO has at least one housing specialist; they assist consumers to gain access to affordable housing with the support and services they need. The local housing specialists maintain the Bed Availability Database for their catchment, and can assist with identifying housing options.  They also work with targeted property management and referral agencies in supporting consumers to maintain their housing and work with local public housing authorities and HUD Section 8 administrating agencies to improve access and increase the supply of affordable housing resources.  The local housing specialists are also available to provide training and provide information to mental health service providers regarding the N.C. Landlord-Tenant and Fair Housing laws and with negotiating reasonable accommodations.

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Other Helpful Resources:

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