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NC Department of Health and Human Services Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services

For Those We Serve

Substance Abuse Services

Substance Abuse Prevention

  • Prevention works.
  • Treatment is effective.
  • People recover.*

Substance abuse costs our families, our state and our nation a lot. Families maymicrosoft image have to deal with loss of jobs, doing poorly in school, criminal activities, problems among parents and children, homelessness, poor health, lack of insurance, results of motor vehicle crashes and so on. In money, substance abuse costs the United States over $500,000,000,000 a year. There is a lot to be gained by preventing substance abuse.

What can you do to support prevention activities in your home town?

If you are concerned about problems with alcohol and other drug abuse in your community and want to do something about it, you can.

The Division sponsors groups all over the state that you can join. These groups work to prevent substance abuse and to advocate for services:

  • Every local LME supports a Consumer and Family Advisory Committee. Consumers and families of consumers may participate. There is one for the whole state too. ( advocacyandcustomerservice/scfac.html)
  • Partnerships, Alliances, Coalitions and Collaboratives (PACCs) are open to anyone who wants to help. (
  • The Preventing Underage Drinking Initiative (  – people are working together to decrease underage access to alcohol by changing the ways people in their communities think and act.
  • NC Centers for Prevention Resources ( – these centers are located in Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Lumberton and Wilmington. You can contact them about ways to get involved.
  • Preventing Underage Tobacco Use and Helping Adults to Quit – Each year the Division sponsors a program that surveys stores where tobacco is sold. The goal is to find out if tobacco is being sold to minors. The Division also sponsors programs to help people stop smoking.


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*U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
 Ready NC Connect NC