NC Treatment Outcomes and Program Performance System (NC-TOPPS)

NC Treatment Outcomes and Program Performance System (NC-TOPPS) is a web-based program that gathers outcome and performance data on behalf of mental health and substance abuse consumers in North Carolina’s public system of services. The NC-TOPPS system provides reliable information that is used to measure the impact of treatment and to improve service and manage quality throughout the service system.

The NC-TOPPS Outcomes at a Glance 2.0 dashboard provides a dashboard that measure outcomes for particular age/disability group by local area, provider agencies and services.

Locate what you need to get started using NC-TOPPS including the NC-TOPPS Quick Start Guide, interview forms and Superuser tools.

NC-TOPPS 2.1 Website allows you to submit outcome information for individuals receiving services, create a new user account and manage system information.


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