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NC Department of Health and Human Services
Office of Public Affairs

Submit Videos to Department´s YouTube Channel

Before being posted on the department´s YouTube page, the video must first be reviewed by the Director of Public Affairs.

  • Send DVDs through interoffice mail to the Adams Building, Mail Service Center 2001. Here is Google´s guidance on the best video formats for YouTube.
  • For videos produced by a contractor, also provide the terms and conditions of the contract along with the video, to ensure that DHHS has the right to display the video on YouTube.
  • Videos should be captioned (captions may be closed or not). If captioning is not possible, Public Affairs may be able to provide them.
  • A transcript must be provided along with the video. The transcript includes all narration and dialogue, but also must describe any action on screen that is not spoken, if meaning is conveyed by that action. For example, DHHS has a video that provides a bulleted list of the signs of a stroke. This bulleted list is part of the transcript. The transcript must not be in all-caps.

Once the Director of Public Affairs approves the video, it will be supplied to the DHHS Web Manager for posting to YouTube. DVDs are preferable for submissions. Most file formats are acceptable.

Embedding and Linking to YouTube Videos on DHHS Websites

A video on the DHHS YouTube channel may be either embedded in a DHHS web page, or linked from our web pages. Webmasters should refer to the DHHS Web Standards, Section M, for ways to accomplish this accessibly.

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