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Question/Problem: I am new to ARMS and have never had a login or password. What is needed?

Answer/Solution: Only authorized users are permitted access to ARMS. The regional ARMS Coordinator approves users and assigns the access level. The Coordinator forwards the request to Annette Bagwell at the Division of Aging and Adult Services.


Question/Problem: I already have a login/password but I can’t remember my password. Who can help?

Answer/Solution: For PASSWORD RESET - E-mail
Include in the e-mail that you are an ARMS User, your user name, region, provider or type of user, and your phone number. Users will be contacted by return e-mail or phone. If you have any concerns or need additional help, please contact Annette Bagwell (


Question/Problem: I have a login/password which is correct; however, I still can’t access ARMS.

Answer/Solution: If this is your first time signing on to ARMS, you may have a firewall issue. Have your computer person contact the Help Desk at 919-855-3200, option 2 and specify firewall issue.


Question/Problem: I signed on the ARMS yesterday but can’t today? What do I do?

Answer/Solution: Chances are that you are having an Internet service problem; call your Internet provider. If it is not an Internet problem, check the ARMS website and see if anything is posted related to problems at (

Printing Issues

Question/Problem: I can’t get to the Reports Screen.

Answer/Solution: Check your pop-up blocker. Your computer must recognize the ARMS website in order to print reports. Therefore, it must be enabled for this web-based application to work properly.

Last updated February 6, 2012