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Error Message


Client record is not unique, multiple client records found in client table

Explanation of Error
No unique client record was found and multiple clients record matching same unique criteria were found

Wrong birthday

Wrong social security number

Duplicate client with one inactive

Duplicate client serviced by 2 different providers

Wrong information on Client Registration Form only SSN without a name, address, phone number

Duplicate client one in correctly

No units entered

Duplicate no units on either with both inactive

Name probably wrong (for example, found name of William for last name and could not find name in overall client list


Client status no Active for Import

Explanation of Error
One or more Client Status is Inactive on the Overall Client Record and/or the Provider Client Status


The status of the client is not Active.

Provider record not found in ProviderSiteRouteWorker table, Provider Client record not found in ProviderClient Table

Explanation of Error
Registered client has not been added to the Provider Client list to assign service and placed on SRW. Client was not found on SRW

Wrong service code (for example, listed service code 236 instead of 042

No service or not assigned to provider

Wrong service code where client has wrong SS#

Inactive status and not on route

Duplicate service codes with different providers for example, service code 020 would be correct while service code 041 would not

Client not on route but service code indicated on client record


Last updated: September 10, 2012