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North Carolina Division of Aging and Adult Services



    The Division and four national non-profit organizations administer the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) in North Carolina. Federally funded under Title V of the Older Americans Act, SCSEP seeks to place people aged 55 and older, who are economically disadvantaged, into useful part-time community service positions until they can achieve unsubsidized employment.

    Map Illustration of State and National Grantees

    Other Employment Resources

    • Department of Commerce
      The web site of the North Carolina Department of Commerce contains a wide range of information about economic and business development, education and technology, business partnerships, and a host of other topics.

    • Division of Services for the Blind
      For more than 75 years, the Division of Services for the blind has served individuals who are blind, visually impaired, and deaf/blind in all counties across North Carolina. The specialized services provided by the Division promote independence, employment, and community-based living and societal integration for the individuals we serve. Our professional staff provides specialized and unique services through our Vocational Rehabilitation program, Independent Living Rehabilitation Program, Independent Living Services Program, Business Enterprise Program and our Medical Eye Care Program.

    • Division of Workforce Solutions (formerly the Employment Service Division of the Employment Security Commission)
      The Division of Workforce Solutions is housed within the NC Department of Commerce. Employment Service Offices across the state are a valuable resource for people seeking work, including Older Workers, and employers looking to hire. NC JobConnector is an automated on-line system that matches job orders and job seekers based on job order requirements and job seeker’s experience. For assistance, visit an ES Office or access NC JobConnector by visiting the website

    • Employment Security Commission
      The Employment Security Commission is housed within the NC Department of Commerce. ESC online is a valuable resource for people seeking work and for employers looking to hire. It contains job listings and employee resumes.

    • JobLink Career Centers
      JobLink Career Centers address job seekers employment and training needs in a single place. Local workforce development professionals from various partner agencies work together to provide the best service for all customers. JobLink Career Centers offer a convenient and effective way for all North Carolinians to look for employment. If more education or training is needed to qualify for the new or better employment JobLink Career Centers can provide assistance and information about receiving financial assistance from education and training providers.

    • NC Employment First
      The NC Employment First Initiative is housed within the NC Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services. This initiative represents a statewide effort to promote and increase the employment of North Carolinians with disabilities. DMHDDSAS also provides updates on other state activities around services to support employment for individuals with mental health, substance abuse, and intellectual developmental disabilities.

    • Vocational Rehabilitation
      The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services provides counseling, training, education, transportation, job placement, assistive technology and other support services. These services are provided to people with physical, psychiatric or intellectual disabilities and to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing or have other communicative disorders to assist them with living independently and with finding a job and staying on the job. The Division has local field offices and facilities that serve every county in North Carolina. We also directly serve businesses and other organizations by referring individuals to them that we have helped prepare for employment and who are well-matched for jobs with these organizations.



Last updated April 7, 2015



Senior Community Services Employment Program
North Carolina State Plan
Strategic Plan Update
2012 - 2015
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