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David N. Kirkman
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Consumer Protection
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North Carolina Division of Aging and Adult Services

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Consumer Fraud Alerts



  1. Senior Fraud Alert: Calls From Fake IRS Agents Still Spiking
  2. Senior Fraud Alert: Accused Telephone Fraud Artists Plead Guilty in Federal Court in Charlotte;
  3. Senior Fraud Alert: Fayetteville PD Warns Seniors About "Jury Duty" Scammer
  4. Senior Fraud Alert: Emergency Management Officials Warn of Imposters, Distraction Thefts
  5. Senior Fraud Alert: Banned Paver Sentenced to 5.5 Years In Federal Prison
  6. Senior Fraud Alert: New Twist on Grandparent Scam Observed
  7. Senior Fraud Alert: Federal Indictments Against Ten Alleged Jamaican Lottery Scammers


  1. Senior Fraud Alert: Carteret-Craven Electric Cooperative Warns of Utilities Cut-Off Scam
  2. Senior Fraud Alert: Wilson Roofing Contractor Charged in Federal Court
  3. Senior Fraud Alert: Phone Scammers Masquerade as US Postal Service, AARP
  4. Senior Fraud Alert: Two Men Charged with "Pigeon Drop" Scams Now Free on Bond
  5. Senior Fraud Alert: Nash County Sheriff Warns of Caller Attempting "Jury Duty Scam"
  6. Senior Fraud Alert: Feds Go After U.S. Sweepstakes Mailings Firm, Dominican Republic Sweepstakes Fraud Ring
  7. Senior Fraud Alert: State Legislators, Federal Regulators Clarify Banks' Abilities and Duties to Report Suspected Elder Fraud
  8. Senior Fraud Alert: Strangers Offer to Do Chores, Then Mug Older Home Owners
  9. Senior Fraud Alert: Alleged Roofing Scammers Messed With The Wrong Two Women
  10. Senior Fraud Alert: Third Cross-Border Fraud Artist Sentenced by Federal Judge in Raleigh
  11. Senior Fraud Alert: Beware of Identity Thieves Seeking to Redirect Your Social Security Benefits
  12. Senior Fraud Alert: More Text Messages That Appear to Be From Your Bank
  13. Senior Fraud Alert: Cary Police Lodge 57 Charges Against Rocky Mount Home Repair Contractor
  14. Senior Fraud Alert: Immigration & Customs Enforcement Recovers Raleigh Woman's $45,000 from Jamaican Sweepstakes Scammers
  15. Trade Practice Alert: Securities Division Announces Enforcement Action Against "Profitable Sunrise"
  16. Senior Fraud Alert: AG's Valentine's Day Warning About Sweetheart Scams - Huge Losses For Victims


  1. Senior Fraud Alert: NC Sheriff Warns of Ransom/Extortion Calls
  2. Senior Fraud Alert: "Hospital Representative" Charged with Identity Theft; Allegedly Targeted Seniors in Davidson County
  3. Senior Fraud Alert: Grandparent Scammers Now Claiming Diplomatic Status
  4. Senior Fraud Alert: Itinerant Scam Groups Heading Through NC On Way Home
  5. Senior Fraud Alert: Scammers Again Requesting Bank Info for "New Medicare Cards"
  6. Senior Fraud Alert: Home Computer Users, Beware of That Call from Tech Support - UPDATE TO 11/7/11 ALERT
  7. Senior Fraud Alert: Alarming Calls From Phony Federal Drug Enforcement Official
  8. Senior Fraud Alert: Online Scammers Want To Win Your Love And Take Your Money
  9. Senior Fraud Alert: Scammers Tap Into Heavy News Coverage of Health Care Ruling
  10. Trade Practice Alert: Durham Police Advisory on Persons Pitching Security Systems
  11. Senior Fraud Alert: Fraud Artists Convincing Victims to Deposit Cash Into Strangers' Bank Accounts
  12. Senior Fraud Alert: Banned Paver Reportedly Still Approaching Older Home Owners in NC
  13. Senior Fraud Alert: Scammers Attempt to Use Local Police to Reconnect with Elderly Repeat Victim of Fraud
  14. Senior Fraud Alert: Scammers Use a New Method to Steal Your Money
  15. Senior Fraud Alert: Rockingham Co. Sheriff, Others Warn of Strangers Seeking Payment Via Green Dot Cards
  16. Senior Fraud Alert: Chapel Hill Police Warn of Jamaican Sweepstakes Scammers Demanding Money ASAP
  17. Senior Fraud Alert: Phony Cops Are Scamming Business Owners


  1. Trade Practices Alert: Warnings About Seminars on Stock Trading
  2. Senior Fraud Alert: Home Computer Users, Beware of That Call from Tech Support
  3. Trade Practices Alert: Feds Go After Abusive "Collectors"
  4. Senior Fraud Alert: Task Force Member's Work Helps to Secure Guilty Pleas from 2nd Defendant in Case of Cross-Border Fraud Against Seniors
  5. Senior Fraud Alert: Charlotte Victim, Bank Officials, PD Financial Crimes Unit, DA Secure Convictions Against Alleged Financial Predator
  6. Trade Practices Alert: Grant scammersí tangled web dismantled
  7. Senior Fraud Alert: NC - Based Home Repair Fraud Group Active
  8. Senior Fraud Alert: "Classic Ponzi Scheme" Victimizes Friends, Nets Lenghty Prison Term
  9. Senior Fraud Alert: Buying Gift Cards to Enter a Sweepstakes Contest or Collect a Prize? Something Isn't Right
  10. Senior Fraud Alert: Fraud Artists Posing as Social Security Officials, Seeking Bank Account Info
  11. Senior Fraud Alert: Callers Pose as Law Enforcement Officers, Attempt to "Shake Down" Call Recipients
  12. Senior Fraud Alert: Roof Sealant Scammers Target Older Home Owners
  13. Senior Fraud Alert: "Grandparent Scam" Becoming Costlier and More Sophisticated
  14. Senior Fraud Alert: Repeat Victims of Fraud Groups; Two Resources That Might Help
  15. Senior Fraud Alert: Western NC Estate Planning Specialist Gets Lengthy Prison Sentence; Must Repay $10.5 Million to Retirees
  16. Senior Fraud Alert: New Consumer Awareness Materials From US Postal Inspection Service
  17. Attorney General Alert: Time Means Phony IRS Scams
  18. Trade Practices Alert: Foreign Currency Investment Company Allegedly Promising Monthly Returns of 5% Ordered to Cease and Desist
  19. Trade Practices Alert: Beware of Letters from "State Record Retrieval Board"
  20. Senior Fraud Alert: Con Men Execute $10K Pigeon Drop Scam in S.E. Charlotte Shopping Center Parking Lot
  21. Trade Practices Alert: Feds Accuse Former Wachovia Securities Advisors of Defrauding Older Clients
  22. Senior Fraud Alert: Warning to Veterans About "Warning to Veternans!!" Email Messages
  23. Senior Fraud Alert: Federal Court Shuts Down Numerous Sweepstakes Mailing Firms
  24. Senior Fraud Alert: Update on earlier Trade Practice Alerts concerning timeshare resellers who allegedly scam seniors and others
  25. Senior Fraud Alert: Progress Energy Warns of Callers Threatening to Cut Off Service
  26. Senior Fraud Alert: Buncombe Co. Sheriff's Dept. Reports Spike in Loved-One-In-Distress Scams
  27. Senior Fraud Alert: Identity Thieves Offer Free Diabetes Equipment to Seniors
  28. Senior Fraud Alert: Callers Pose as Local RSVP Program Officials
  29. Senior Fraud Alert: Distraction Thefts by Couple Offering Tree Services
  30. Senior Fraud Alert: CNC Alzheimer's Support Groups Allegedly Targeted By Con Artist
  31. Senior Fraud Alert: Con Artists Claim to be With Make-A-Wish Foundation
  32. Trade Practices Alert: Solicitors Posing As Federal Securities Requlators
  33. Senior Fraud Alert: Identity Thieves Claim to Be With a Southeastern NC Bank
  34. Trade Practices Alert: Callers Wanting to Draft Bank Accounts for Medicare
  35. Senior Fraud Alert: Scammers Pose as Tree Trimmers Working for the City
  36. Senior Fraud Alert: Census Scams
  37. Trade Practices Alert: Fundraisers for Police, Firefighter and Veterans Groups Put Out of Business, Forced to Pay $18.8 Million
  38. Trade Practices Alert: Insurance Agents Reportedly Coming to Seniors' Doors to Sign Them Up for "ObamaCare"
  39. Senior Fraud Alert: Sheriff Warns of Scammers Targeting Homes With Wheelchair Ramps
  40. Senior Fraud Alert: Home Repair Fraud Crew Takes $91,000 From Cary Man
  41. Senior Fraud Alert: Don't Be Fooled by Sweepstakes Scammers Posing as Federal Officials
  42. Senior Fraud Alert: Face-to-Face "Grandparent"
  43. Senior Fraud Alert: Warning from the Department of Veterans Affairs
  44. Senior Fraud Alert: "Please help me. I am locked out."
  45. Senior Fraud Alert: Scammers May Approach When Legitimate Companies Work on Your Home
  46. Banking, Senior Care Professionals Foil Scammers
  47. Itinerant Paving Scammers Coming Out of Hibernation
  48. Urgent! We Are Now Servicing Your Mortgage
  49. Unexpected Checks Are Legitimate
  50. Contractor Sentenced; Senior Fraud Video Available
  51. FDA Reports Prescription Drug/Extortion Scam
  52. Residents of Assisted Living, Retirement Communities Targeted by Con Artists
  53. Scammer Posing as Federal and Local Law Enforcement Officers
  54. Fake surveys that could lead to identity theft
  55. Renewed Warnings About Death Threat Scams
  56. Distraction Thieves Now Posing as Carpet Salesmen
  57. Pair Sentenced for Stealing Identities, Social Security Checks
  58. Distraction Thieves Posing as City Utility Workers
  59. Threatening Calls
  60. Visitors Offering to "Assist" with SSI
  61. FBI Warns of Grand Jury Subpoenas Arriving by Email
  62. More Warnings About "Free Lunch" Retirement Seminars for Seniors
  63. AG Warns of Robo-Calls From Identity Thieves
  64. FDIC Warns of Advance Fee Loan Scams
  65. "Missionary" Sentenced for Stealing Identity of 77-Year-Old NC Woman
  66. Federal Jury in NC Convicts Two in Investment Scheme Targeting Seniors
  67. Debt be gone Credit Specialists
  68. IRS Warns of New Tax Rebate Con, Other Tax Season Scams
  69. Automated Calls from Bank Security Department
  70. "Expiring Auto Warranty" Warnings
  71. Phony Social Security Representatives Still Pushing It
  72. Possible Tax Appraisal Scam Reported
  73. Another "Social Security" Scam Reported; Identity Theft
  74. Report of Scammers Requesting $$$ for Sheriff's K-9 Unit
  75. Reports of "Shadow Shopper" Scams Increase
  76. Feds Claim Fund-Raisers Mislead U.S. Consumers
  77. Another Scam Targeting Churches
  78. "Callers from Social Security" Setting Up Sales Visits
  79. Door-to-Door Magazine Sellers Posing as Local College Athletes
  80. U.S. Senate Panel Investigating "Senior Financial Advisors," Insurance Cos
  81. Contractor Banned in NC Due to Transaction with Older Home Owners
  82. More Calls, Emails, Faxes and Letters Claiming to be from Government Agencies
  83. In-Home Distraction Theft by Phony Medicare Representatives (Catawba County Incident)
  84. FBI Warns of Email Messages Threatening Death; Advises Recipients to Hit "Delete"
  85. "Sheriff" Seeking $$$ for Bullet-Proof Vests
  86. Cross-Border Frauds--Greensboro PD Warning & Montreal Bust
  87. Georgia Reporting Collect Call-Medicare Scams
  88. Cell Phone "Phishing" Scams Reported


  1. US Government Warns Medicare Beneficiaries of Internet, Phone Scams
  2. Alleged Wal-Mart Voucher Scammers Temporarily Shut Down by Federal Government
  3. State Health Department - Medical Voucher Scam

Last updated on August 29, 2014


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