Medication Assistance Program

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The Medication Assistance Program (MAP) is a Safety Net for uninsured, low-income individuals in the state. It provides access to free prescription drugs available through pharmaceutical manufacturers to patients who cannot afford them.

Medication Assistance Program Profile

State Fiscal Year 2016 Medication Assistance Program Coverage

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North Carolina Medication Assistance Program
Office of Rural Health
2009 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699

Ginny Ingram
Community Health Program Manager
Phone: 919-527-6457
Toll Free: 800-533-8847

Sara Kezar
Phone: 919-527-6471
Toll Free: 800-533-8847

Patsy Stone
Phone: 919-527-6469
Toll Free: 800-533-8847

David Britt
Phone: 919-527-6484
Toll Free: 800-533-8847

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