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Medical Recruitment

If you are a primary care physician, dentist, dental hygienist, physician assistant, nurse practitioner or certified nurse midwife looking for a place to practice, let us help you. Info for medical staff

If you are a rural North Carolina Community who needs medical staff, we can help you find them. Info for communities.

Welcome to Placement Services

Physicians, Psychiatrists, or Dental Providers: If you want to make a positive difference in the delivery of primary medical, dental and psychiatric care to people in rural and underserved areas, North Carolina is looking for you. Our Services will help you identify opportunities throughout the State that match your personal and professional needs. These opportunities are located in a variety of practice settings including Federal Community Health Centers, State-Sponsored Rural Health Centers, and County Health Departments. In order to provide the best possible match, we have developed unique interview forms by professional specialty. Complete our interview form Link goes outside of N.C. DHHS..

Primary Care Practices Serving a Medically Underserved Population: We work with local and state leaders to design and implement strategies for improving access to medical and dental care for rural residents. Use our Opportunity Entry Link goes outside of N.C. DHHS. to post your available position. If your community is not listed, or needs updating, here are a couple of resources to help you find the data you need, City Profiles: Link goes outside of N.C. DHHS. County Profiles. Link goes outside of N.C. DHHS.

Recruitment History

Recruitment History
Established in 1975 as part of the North Carolina State Office of Rural Health and Community Care, Placement Services remains dedicated to the recruitment and retention of primary care physicians, dentists and other primary care providers to the rural and underserved areas of our State. Over the years we have developed strong and ongoing relationships with the State’s twenty-nine primary care residency programs, the UNC & ECU School of Dentistry, and nine AHEC Programs. We also frequently attend local and national exhibits and opportunities fairs.
About Recruitment
The success of North Carolina’s recruitment program is due to many factors. One of the most important is the strong effort to maintain a thorough, professional and individualized system based on building trusting relationships with the candidates. This is accomplished by conducting in-depth interviews, face to face at our residency programs, or by telephone with those who respond to our marketing efforts. Information relating to professional qualifications, personal and professional goals, and any specific individual need is sensitively gathered. This one-to-one attention is continued throughout the recruitment process. Another important factor in the success of our placement program is the ongoing liaison with individual communities. We have developed relationships of trust by promoting clear and complete information flow between our staff and North Carolina communities, hospital administrations and individual practices.

Our placement staff consults regularly with our Office’s Rural Health Consultants, community representatives, business leaders, as well as hospital and other health care administrators to accurately assess the local health personnel needs, and to develop effective recruitment strategies. Through these conversations we jointly develop detailed descriptive community and practice profiles for each site. These profiles are then circulated to prospective candidates. Ready NC Connect NC