Office of Rural Health Programs

Provider Recruitment and Placement provides recruitment efforts for medical, dental and psychiatric health professionals to North Carolina's rural and underserved areas and offers incentives to eligible providers. 
Provider Recruitment and Placement Program Profile

Rural Health Operations create access to health care for vulnerable populations by supporting state designated rural health centers.
Rural Health Operations Program Profile

Community Health Program supports the primary care Safety Net system to increase access for vulnerable populations.
Community Health Program Profile

NC Farmworker Health Program provides medical, dental and enabling services to members of the North Carolina agricultural labor force and their families.
NC Farmworker Health Program Profile

NC Rural Hospital Program funds projects for the benefit of all critical access hospitals and eligible small rural hospitals in NC.
NC Rural Hospital Program Profile

Medication Assistance Program provides free and low-cost medications donated by pharmaceutical manufacturers to patients who cannot afford them.
Medication Assistance Program Profile

Statewide Telepsychiatry Program supports the psychiatric evaluation of patients through videoconferencing technology in emergency departments.

Analytics and Innovations Program assist ORH programs and grantees with using data and leveraging technologies in ways that help improve monitoring, evaluation efforts, and innovative strategies.  
Health Professional Shortage Area Program Profile
Community Health Worker Program Profile

Rural Health Information Technology and Telehealth Program works directly with the North Carolina Safety Net to assess needs and provide technical assistance throughout the state to improve the use of Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems and the use of NC HealthConnex, the state designated health information exchange
Rural Health Information Technology and Telehealth Program Profile

Office of Rural Health Program Profile
Office of Rural Health Coverage and Service Points Map

Program Archives

Integrated Health Systems (Ended 2018) provide technical assistance to communities and Safety Net providers seeking to improve access for vulnerable populations. Examples include strategic planning and health care integration.
Integrated Health Systems Program Profile