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Medical Recruitment Opportunities: Learn about N.C. Communities

Data about North Carolina communities is available from the following sources:

Life in North Carolina offers something for everyone. From the peaceful tranquility of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the crashing waves along the Crystal Coast, from dusty roads to eight-lane highways, from small towns to booming cities, North Carolina really is home. Spending well-earned personal time proves easy with a variety of activities suited to all interests.

For those seeking cultural entertainment, opportunities abound. The North Carolina Symphony performs in more than 30 cities statewide each year. The North Carolina Museum of Art covers 5,000 years of art history with its collection from Ancient Egypt and Greece to 20th Century American paintings. The North Carolina Zoological Park, located in Asheboro, encompasses more than 1,300 acres and offers an exciting day of fun and education. A statewide university system hosts local entertainment and educational activities throughout the mountains, piedmont, and coastal plain.

For those seeking recreational outlets, look no further. Throughout the state lie hundreds of opportunities for boating, fishing, camping, hiking, snow-skiing, swimming, sailing, white water rafting and much more. For the golfing enthusiast, North Carolina offers more than 400 golf courses, and is home to Pinehurst, the nation's golf capital. Charlotte and Rockingham both host major stock car racing events atttracting thousands of spectators from all over the country. North Carolina is home to four of the nine universities that make up the Atlantic Coast Conference, hosting exciting college level sporting events year round. More than 300 miles of coast line offer the idea summer vacation with thousands of homes for rent or sale.

In a state that offers so much, there are still those who have so little. Primary health care providers in North Carolina have the opportunity to enjoy all the state has to offer and to make a difference in the quality of life for our residents. From the most rural areas to the inner city urban populations, quality primary health care providers are an essential element to every community.
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