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NC Department of Health and Human Services Division of Services for the Blind

Overview of DSB Jobs

Job Summaries

The following is a list and very brief summary of the responsibilities of the direct service positions in the Division of Services for the Blind. Each position provides services to consumers who are blind or visually impaired and, in some instances, have significant hearing and vision loss. Each position covers a multi-county area and requires active participation in a team effort to provide quality services.

Business Enterprise Representative:

Provides direct business consulting services to a specified number of blind food service and vending facility managers. Representatives are involved in the renovation and maintenance of existing facilities. For these positions, experience in areas such as sales, food service or business are helpful.

Deaf-Blind Consultant (Human Resources Services Coordinator):

Advocates for and coordinates services to consumers who are deaf-blind or have a hearing and vision loss who are pursuing independent living and employment goals. Sign language skills are preferred for these positions.

Business Services Representatives (HR Placement Specialist):

Provides direct and comprehensive job development and placement services to Vocational Rehabilitation consumers with blindness or visual impairment. Extensive in-person and telephone contact with employers is an essential function of this position.

Independent Living Rehabilitation Counselor:

Provides one-on-one In-Home Training and coordinates community-based training sessions to teach adaptive skills to blind and visually impaired consumers to enable them to reach their desired level of independence following vision loss. Services are provided based on an assessment of each consumer's needs and goals, which are used to develop the consumer's Independent Living Plan.

Orientation and Mobility Teacher:

Provides skills training in all aspects of safe travel including; the use of white cane, sighted guide, public transportation, environmental cues and directions.

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor:

Provides services that will enable blind and visually impaired consumers to obtain or maintain employment. Counselors must obtain necessary diagnostic information, make eligibility determinations, develop with the consumer and employment goal and identify services needed to reach that goal, and actively participate in job development and placement through extensive employer contacts.

Social Worker for the Blind (Social Worker III):

Provides Counseling and Services to help consumer and families adjust to vision loss. Serves as a primary link to other community resources and coordinates referrals to other services based on the needs of the consumer. Provides some in-home instruction on adaptive techniques for daily living following vision loss.

Assistive Technology Consultant:

Assesses the technology needs of consumers and recommends the most appropriate modes of access, i.e. Screen Reading Software, Screen Enlargement Software, and Braille Displays that enable the consumer to function in an employment or training setting. Meets with perspective employers or in already established work sites to determine how jobs can be adapted for people who are blind or visually impaired.

Assistive Technology Instructor:

Provides instruction to people who are blind or visually impaired in the use of assistive technology hardware and software such as screen readers and screen magnification software, Braille display devices, and use of Internet, e-mail programs, and applications such as MS Word to enable the consumers to achieve a greater level of personal independence through the use of technology and, in some instances, pursue employment. Positions serve multiple counties requiring extensive travel as much of the instruction is provided in the home of the consumer.

Nursing Eye Care Consultant:

Reviews requests from eye care providers for eye care treatment that will restore vision or prevent vision loss. The Nursing Eye Care Consultant provides low vision evaluation, vision screenings and referral services. Provides counseling and education regarding diseases that can cause vision loss such as diabetes.


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