Business Incentives

Our goal is to establish a cooperative, long term, mutually beneficial relationship with you, the employer. Services include:

  • Candidate Trial Period
    Recruiting and hiring is expensive and time consuming for employers. To save your valuable resources, we can arrange a trial period for a job candidate before you make the final hiring decision. We will take care of Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) paperwork. We will do everything we can to find the best candidate for your business.
  • Custom Referral Service
    Our candidate assessments are conducted by our rehabilitation professionals. Our team of rehabilitation professionals will talk with you about your needs before we refer our qualified job candidates. Each candidate’s skills, strengths and job readiness are determined prior to our referral process.
  • Employer Tax Incentives
    We can help you with payroll tax incentives of up to 40% of the first $6,000 of the employee's first year wages (Work Opportunities Tax Credit). We do the paperwork, you just have to sign it and mail it to us. Other tax credits are also available (Disabled Access Tax Credit, Welfare to Work Tax Credit, Architectural and Transportation Removal Deduction).
  • Follow-Up Service
    If your employees’ work functions or job processes change, we provide a follow-up service for required training or adjustments to update your employee’s skill-level or job processes.
  • On-the-Job Training
    We can assist you with some of the costs associated with training your new employee. The time it takes to train your new employee and the amount of on-going assistance we provide is negotiable.
  • Workplace Accommodations
    Our Counselors, Employment Consultants and/or Technology Specialists are available to answer any questions you might have about accommodations for your new employee. We can recommend affordable solutions and provide ordering and setup assistance for any required assistive technology purchased.
  • Workplace Diversity
    Having a diverse workplace is a great business asset. Hiring one of our qualified candidates can improve your company’s bottom line, help you meet your diversity objectives, including 503 obligations and positively affect your company’s culture and public image.
  • Visual Disability Loss and Employment
    Hiring someone with vision loss can be a great addition to a company, but supervisory staff may not know how to educate their other employees about the accessibility tools and accommodations required for an employee with vision loss. Our team of professionals can speak with you and your employees to educate and prepare them on visual disability and employment.


If any of your employees are struggling to keep up with various job tasks due to vision loss, our counselors and specialists in our district offices may be able to help. We can identify the solutions and accessibility technologies you need to retain your valued employees.
For more information about our Business Services, please contact us.

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