Social Services

Licensing Services

The Division of Social Services licenses child-placing agencies for:

  • Foster care
  • Child-placing agencies for adoption
  • Residential child care facilities
  • Residential maternity homes
  • Foster homes

North Carolina General Statute 131 D-10.3 requires that child-caring institutions, residential child care facilities, group homes, maternity homes, child-placing agencies for adoption, child-placing agencies for foster care and foster homes be licensed by the North Carolina Division of Social Services.

Licensing Rules

How to Apply

NC DSS is responsible for licensing:

Child Placing Agencies
Maternity Homes
Residential Child Care Facilities

If you are interested in providing foster care, contact your county department of social services.

Licensing Agency List

Adoption Agencies
Foster Care Agencies
Maternity Homes
Residential Child Care

Please email us you have any questions, comments or concerns about our licensure policy.

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