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NC Department of Health and Human Services Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services

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Audit Information

2011 CABHA Monitoring Information

Monitoring of a sample of CABHA agencies across the state will begin on August 29 through September 30. DMH/DD/SAS Accountability staff, DMA Program Integrity staff and LME staff will all be part of the monitoring teams that complete these reviews.

CABHAs in the sample will receive their individual letters by August 15, although the full schedule is posted here. If a CABHA agency is not listed on this schedule and they
do not receive a letter, they are not being monitored in this cycle.

Reviews will take place at the CABHA agency site listed on the schedule.

The review tools and provider letter are posted here.
Monitoring tools are subject to revision. Any additional changes will be posted to this web site.

Provider Memo
CABHA Monitoring LME Record Review Tool
CABHA LME Monitoring Quality Management Tool
CABHA Monitoring Schedule by Agency
CABHA Monitoring Schedule by Date
CABHA Monitoring Schedule by LME Ready NC Connect NC