CDW Online (Consumer Data Warehouse)

CDW Online is the web-based portal to the Division’s data repository, called Consumer Data Warehouse. The CDW provides information about consumers served through the public MH/DD/SAS system. Data includes demographic, clinical, treatment, service and perception of care information.

CDW Online Training
Individuals from LMEs and state institutions may access their own data and statewide aggregate data from the CDW Online after receiving training and an authorized login. Two hands-on training options are available in DHHS computer labs from CDW Online staff.

  • Basic Training is a one day class that includes hands-on instruction on how to develop logic queries and web reports within the Department of Health and Human Services’ Client Services Data Warehouse (CSDW) query tool and Business Objects XI programming language.

CDW Online log-in
Access to CDW Online through CSDW requires an assigned log-in and password. To receive this log-in and password, please contact your LME or Institution Security Officer.

Details about information that can be found in CDW Online, including table names, program names, variable descriptions, data types, length, format, and valid values are found in the metadata.