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Supports Waiver Self-Direction Option

Informational Tools for Self-Direction

In addition to the information found on this web page, there have been folders created for ease in accessing needed documents and other helpful informational tools regarding transitioning to and utilization of the Self-Direction option.  The items listed in each folder are grouped by stakeholder use; Local Management Entity, Participant, Targeted Case Manager, and Community Resource Consultant.  Please click on the link below for access to the folders.


View Presentation: Self Direction in the Supports Waiver

The Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services (DMH/DD/SAS) is pleased that you are interested in learning about Self Direction within the Supports Waiver. This is a new option available to individuals who are participants in the Supports Waiver and who choose to self-direct their waiver services and supports.

This option is designed to provide choice to participants in managing their own waiver services and supports to live their best life. Based on an approved person centered plan and budget which include community-based services, support and goods, and traditional services, participants in Self Direction will choose to direct some or all of their services.

The DMH/DD/SAS in collaboration with the Division of Medical Assistance is in the process of developing the operational details to implement the Self Direction option within the Supports Waiver.

This webpage is intended to provide general information regarding self direction in addition to specific information for Self Direction within the Supports Waiver.

Through the Supports Waiver in North Carolina, self direction is an approach to the provision of supports and services for persons with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (IDD) based upon core components which are: person centered planning; individual control of their budget; support from a Community Resource Consultant to locate and access services and supports, choice of staff who work for the individual and financial management services.

Self Determination is about persons with IDD exercising control over their own lives, working towards the achievement of individualized life outcomes, and obtaining the skills and supports necessary to realize their vision for their future. Through the use of this Self Directed option with in the Supports Waiver, individuals have the authority to determine their own needs, create support plans, budget their allocated funds, make choices to select and employ staff, and monitor the quality of services and supports.

Through the Supports Waiver in North Carolina, self direction provides opportunities to enhance a person’s connections to build a support network to live and succeed in their community. With Self Direction people are supported to learn skills related to meeting new people, making friends, exchanging ideas and interacting with others. This results in more opportunities to become involved in activities in their community. Being active members of the community leads to having socially valued roles and includes an expectation to manage the responsibilities of these roles. This enhances the lives of people and strengthens their community.

Thank you for visiting this webpage and please visit often as new information will be added in the future.




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