Opioid Data

Multiple branches across NC DHHS’ Division of Public Health (DPH) generate resources to help keep our partners informed about drug overdose in North Carolina. DPH generates statewide data for the opioid crisis, data on overdoses from other medications and drugs and county-level overdose data. DPH also circulates monthly reports on statewide overdose deaths, Emergency Department (ED) overdose visits, and response efforts. These monthly surveillance reports are a timely picture of what overdose looked like last month in North Carolina. Many of the other resources are updated quarterly or annually. To receive these updates via email contact us.

The NC Opioid Data Dashboard displays the metrics tracked in the North Carolina Opioid Action Plan for the state and individual counties.

Visit the IVPB Poisoning Data page for monthly surveillance reports, county-level overdose slide sets and data tables on overdose deaths, hospitalizations and ED visits.

Click here to listen to a recording of the core set of overdose data slides.

If you have any questions or would like to be added to our monthly listserv, please feel free to contact us.