Everybody Works NC Promotes Inclusion, Workforce Partnerships at the State Fair

DHHS emplyess set up at the North Carolina State Fair to promote the benefits of a diverse, inclusive workforce and raise awareness about the workforce partnerships that connect employers with people with disabilities.

Oct. 26, 2017 — The Everybody Works NC campaign was on display at this year’s North Carolina State Fair, promoting the benefits of a diverse, inclusive workforce and raising awareness about the workforce partnerships that connect employers with the untapped labor force of people with disabilities.

Everybody Works NC provides human resources professionals, executives, small business owners and other employers with information and tools that simplifies the recruitment, hiring and retention of people with disabilities and supports the development of work-based learning opportunities for young people with disabilities.

The State Fair exhibit, which also celebrated National Disability Employment Awareness Month, was at one of the fair’s busiest entry gates from Oct. 12-18. 

Using the NCWorks Mobile Career Center as a backdrop, the exhibit aimed to erase the perceived risk of hiring people with disabilities through a message about the value they bring to the workforce.

Employees from DHHS’ Divisions of Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Services for the Blind and Workforce Solutions engaged fairgoers in discussions about recruitment, placement, training and retention services for businesses and job-seekers statewide. 

"Employers are increasingly open to hiring qualified people with disabilities because of tangible benefits to their bottom line," said Claudia Horn, Senior Director of Employment Services for DHHS. "People with disabilities are problem-solvers, with experiences and perspectives that help businesses innovate, improve customer service and gain an edge over the competition."

Ryan Hill