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Early Childhood

DHHS wants all North Carolina children to get a healthy start and develop to their full potential in safe and nurturing families, schools and communities. 
Toward that vision, DHHS is spearheading the development of a statewide Early Childhood Action Plan to be released in early 2019. The plan seeks to create a cohesive vision, set benchmarks for impact by the year 2025, and establish shared stakeholder accountability to achieve statewide goals for early childhood.

By 2025, DHHS envisions that all North Carolina’s young children from birth to age 8 will be:

  • Healthy: Children are healthy at birth and thrive in environments that support their optimal health and well-being. 
  • Safe and Nurtured: Children grow confident, resilient and independent in safe, stable and nurturing families, schools and communities.
  • Learning and Ready to Succeed: Children experience the conditions they need to build strong brain architecture and school readiness skills that support their success in school and life.