State-County Special Assistance (For adult care home residents)

State and County Special Assistance provides a cash supplement to low income individuals to help pay for room and board in residential facilities. These facilities include:

  • Adult care homes
  • Family care homes
  • Group homes


To be eligible for special assistance individuals must be age 65 or older, or disabled and live in a residential facility approved for special assistance. The facility must agree to accept the state rate for special assistance residents. Individuals who are eligible for special assistance are automatically eligible for Medicaid.

Adult Care Home residents who have Alzheimer’s disease or a related disorder may reside in a licensed Special Care Unit in an Adult Care Home. The State/County Special Assistance program provides a different rate of assistance for Adult Care Home recipients who reside in a Special Care Unit.

How to Apply

To apply for State/County Special Assistance please contact your local Department of Social Services.

More Information

SA/SCU Program Informational Brochure