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Directors Honored for Impact in Vocational Rehabilitation

Claudia Horn, Michael Maybee, President/CEO of Watauga Opportunities, Inc., and Tara Myers

Claudia Horn, Michael Maybee, President/CEO of Watauga Opportunities, Inc., and Tara Myers

Nov. 28, 2017 -- Senior Director for Employment Services Claudia Horn and Vocational Rehabilitation Services Division Director Tara Myers each won the Director’s Award from the Marketing Association for Rehabilitation Centers, Inc. (MARC).

The awards were presented at the organization’s annual meeting and awards luncheon in October. MARC represents a consortium of 14 community rehabilitation programs that provide training and employment services for people with disabilities in western North Carolina.

The partnership between VR and community rehabilitation providers continues to be strong and productive, Myers said.

“Our collaborative efforts create opportunities and help level the playing field for those we serve, equipping them with workplace skills and experiences that foster independence and self-sufficiency,” she said. “Together, we have access to more community resources and can develop more meaningful relationships with local employers.”

The award, presented annually by MARC’s Board of Directors, selects those whose work, actions or advocacy have made a lasting impact on the economic or social quality of life for people with disabilities or disadvantages.

A team approach is the best way to achieve successful outcomes for clients, Horn said.

“Community rehabilitation programs expand the impact of VR by linking our clients to competitive jobs in their own communities,” she said. “These providers are focused on engaging employers and creating opportunities for training, on-the-job learning experiences, and employment for our clients.”

MARC member organizations believe all individuals have the right to be respected, to have equal opportunities, to work and to earn a fair wage. MARC's Board of Directors and staff support the concept that through meaningful, satisfying work, people can live more independently, successfully and productively.

Ryan Hill