Governor’s Awards for Excellence Nominations Due March 12

Feb. 16, 2018 — The deadline for DHHS nominations for the North Carolina Governor’s Awards for Excellence is March 12. The Governor's Awards for Excellence is the highest honor a state employee may receive. 

The annual award program is designed to acknowledge and express appreciation for outstanding accomplishments that do not fall entirely within the scope of normal duties, but are in the nature of a major contribution reflecting credit on the person and state service. The meritorious service or accomplishment is so singularly outstanding that special recognition is justified.

Employees are nominated for the award by other state employees including their supervisors, co-workers and subordinates. Because of its number of employees, DHHS may submit 12 nominees for statewide consideration. The State Employee Awards for Excellence Policy contains more information.

Award categories are Customer Service, Efficiency and Innovation, Human Relations, Outstanding State Government Service, Public Service, Safety and Heroism, and Spirit of North Carolina Award.

Nominees must be permanent state employees and include:

  • Employees who have a permanent appointment, including the managerial and administrative levels such as:
    • Deputy and Assistant Department Heads
    • Division Directors
    • Deputy and Assistant Directors of major divisions in the larger departments
    • Key assistants to the Department Head or University Chancellor who exert major policy influence
  • A deceased or retired employee or an employee on leave-without-pay may be nominated provided the achievement for which the nomination is made occurred during state employment within the award year (November to November
  • Employees who were nominated, but did not receive the Governor’s Awards for Excellence during previous years may be nominated again
  • Nominations may be made for an individual or a team
  • Nominations may be made for achievements at any level of employment with consideration given to the relative opportunities for accomplishment afforded by the individual’s position. Employees may nominate peers and/or managers and vice versa

Ineligible employees are:

  • Elected officials, department heads and university chancellors
  • Employees of the public school system or community colleges
  • Employees of the judicial branch
  • Employees of the General Assembly

The electronic award nomination submission form is available at:

Ryan Hill