DHHS Staff Donate Items to Bertie County Residents Impacted by Hurricane Isaias

Donations for Bertie County Residents Staff from the Elizabeth City, Washington and Wilmington unit offices of DHHS’ Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS) recently delivered supplies to the local YMCA in Bertie County to help residents who were impacted by Hurricane Isaias in early August.

Residents in Bertie County experienced a tornado during the storm that touched down in a very rural area. The tornado killed 11 people and hurt several others. Many people in the area lost everything, including their homes, and had to start over.

Donations included cleaning, personal hygiene, and school supplies. The Elizabeth City and the Washington/Wilmington Units in the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation serve Bertie County through its Independent Living (IL) Rehabilitation Program, which helps consumers live a more independent life by providing alternatives to living in a nursing home for eligible individuals. The items went directly to the citizens served by the IL program.

Great work, DVRS Team! Thanks for implementing the People-Focused DHHS Value by focusing on the people we serve, delivering value and making a positive impact on the lives of the residents in Bertie County.