Alamance County Department of Social Services

Address: 319 N. Graham-Hopedale Road, Burlington, NC 27217
State Courier #: 17-42-05
Phone: 336-570-6532
Emergency phone: 336-229-2912

Fax Numbers:
Fiscal: 336-570-6538 (fax)
Economic Services: 336-290-8651 (fax)
APS/CPS Intake:  336-228-2035 (fax)
All other Child Welfare Requests/Inquiries:  336-570-6771 (fax)

Key Staff 
Director: Adrian Daye, 336-570-6532 

Administrative Assistant to Director/Clerk to Social Services Board: Carmen Morrow, 336-229-2912 

Assistant Director of Services: – Lynette Wellons, 336-570-3655

Assistant Director of Operations: Candice Gobble, 336-229-2942

IT Manager/Computer System Administrator: Jason Cole, 336-229-2906 (office), 336-290-8643 (fax) 

Children Services Program Managers: 
Angela Cole, 336-229-2239 (office); 336-228-2029 (fax)
Ayoka Baldwin, 336-290-0343

Human Resources Department: Bob Ring, 336-229-2953 (office), 336-228-2032 (fax) 

Fiscal Officer: Vacant, 336-229-2944 

Economic Services Program Managers: 
Jamie Hatfield, 336-229-2985 

Performance Management, Energy and Fraud Supervisor: Michelle Poole, 336-570-6585 

Adult and Family Services Program Manager:  Latawnya Hall, 336-229-2963 

Child Protective Services Supervisors: 
Ashley Bryson, 336-290-0388
Zara Blackwell, 336-229-2957
Leslie Holland, 336-570-3062
Elizabeth Daniels, 336-513-5558
Tiffany Moore, 336-229-3855
Rebecca Lambert, 336-570-3955 

Foster Care/Adoption Services Supervisors: 
Tammy Minnis, 336-229-2946
Angela Worth, 336-513-4768

Adult Protective Services Supervisor/Intake: LaPorscha McCullough, 336-229-2921 

Adult Services/Guardianship Supervisor: Kailee Morrow-Jennings, 336-229-3141 

Adult Medicaid/Ongoing/SA/CAP/LTC: Vacant, 336-229-2952 

PLA Intake and Ongoing: Brittany Emerson, 336-513-5555

Adult Medicaid Supervisors:
Universal Intake and Processing: 
Wendy Brunick 336-229-5802
Melissa Beal, 336-570-6557 

Family & Children’s Medicaid (Ongoing): 
Kim Price, 336-221-0942
Angelica Wiley, 336-229-2950

Training and Quality Assurance: Shea Malpass, 336-229-2994 

Food and Nutrition Ongoing Supervisors: 
Darrell Kellogg, 336-221-1572 
Danae Pickard, 336-229-2986

Work First Employment Program /Child Day Care Supervisor: Michelle Mendez, 336-513-4762 

Medicaid Transportation Coordinator: Jamie Hatfield, 336-229-2924 

Child Support Supervisors:
Establishment: Helen Briggs, 336-570-6592 
Enforcement: Willie Smith, 336-570-6584 

County DSS Board
Heidi Norwick – Chair
Rev. Ronald L. Shive - Vice-Chair
Amy S. Galey – County Commissioner
Dr. Ernest Eason
Ms. Edna Parker

Board of Commissioners

NC General Assembly Delegation