Anson County Department of Social Services

Address: 118 N Washington St., Wadesboro, NC 28170
State Courier #: 03-82-19
Phone: 704-694-9351
Fax Number: 704-695-1608

Key Staff  
Director: Lula Jackson 

Administrative Officer: Kathy Welch

Children Services Supervisor: Mary Kendall

Adult Services Supervisor: Monique Freeney 

Economic Services Administrator: Nia Broadway 

Economic Services Supervisor - Ongoing: Robyn Bowers

Economic Services Supervisor - Intake: Kishia Dunlap

Economic Services Supervisor - Ongoing: Carrissima Martin

Work First/Child Care Supervisor: Monique Freeney

Child Support Enforcement: Belinda Deese
Address: 112 N. Greene Street, Wadesboro, NC 28170
State Courier #:03-82-03
Phone: 704-694-3115
Fax Number: 704-694-3159

County DSS Board
Lawrence Gatewood - Chair
Ross Streater - Vice Chair
Janet White
Dionnya Pratt
Lynn Whitlock

Board of Commissioners

NC General Assembly Delegation