Medicaid Provider Training: MCT 113: Care Management under BH I/DD Tailored Plans: Information for Providers

Event Description

This training course is for NC Medicaid Providers transitioning to NC Medicaid Managed Care.

BH I/DD Tailored Plans, scheduled to be implemented in Summer 2021, will offer members a model of integrated, whole person care management (“Tailored Care Management”) that will be customized to their individualized needs. NC DHHS is committed to implementing provider based care management as a way of promoting integrated care that is grounded in the community. To move towards this vision, DHHS will roll out a process for interested providers to become certified to provide Tailored Care Management, ahead of procurement of the BH I/DD Tailored Plans. There will be two types of provider certifications: “Advanced Medical Home Plus” for qualified AMH Tier 3 practices, and “Care Management Agencies” for other qualified BH/IDD providers. Building on DHHS’ May 2019 concept paper, this webinar will provide updates and information on this process for interested providers.

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