Newsletter Articles

DHHS Office of Emergency Medical Services deployed their mobile surgical unit to St. Croix as the island recovers from two hurricanes.

Employees of the NC Department of Health and Human Services have been part of a groundswell of neighbors across our state helping neighbors to recover from the devastating winds that sent trees crashing into homes and torrential rains that left some homes, businesses, parks and highways under water in the aftermaths of Hurricanes Florence on Sept. 14 and Michael on Oct. 11.

Once more, NCDHHS' Broughton Hospital has been named a Top 20 Most Beautiful Hospitals in America. Hospital employees, patients, community members, partners, stakeholders and other NCDHHS employees came together to cast their votes and see Broughton recognized for its historic beauty. Broughton ranked 13th and tallied 19,004 votes.

Lawrence Holliday, an employee at DHHS' Disability Determination Services, recently appeared on an episode of "Wheel of Fortune." It aired in the Triangle on Nov. 14. Holliday shared how he became a contestant on the game show and what the experience was like.

The 22nd C. Odell Tyndell Legislative Breakfast, hosted by the National Rehabilitation Association's North Carolina chapter, highlights the work of rehabilitation professionals in advancing the personal and economic independence of people with disabilities.

Getting the N.C. REAL ID will make it more convenient when you need to board a commercial airplane or visit a military base or other federal facility.

The Human & Social Web Applications Management Unit of DHHS’ Information Technology Division is helping DHHS’ Hearings & Appeals Section go paperless.