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Strategic Goals

​Strengthen Health Care

See what Robert Coble from the Office of Rural Health says about Strengthening Health Care. View the video here.

  • Promote access to services for eligible populations
  • Improve health care quality and patient safety
  • Emphasize primary and preventive care, linked with community prevention services
  • Reduce the growth of healthcare costs while promoting high-value, whole-person care
  • Ensure access to quality, culturally competent care, including long-term services and supports for vulnerable populations
  • Improve health care and population health through meaningful use of health information technology


Advance Knowledge and Innovation

See what Jessica Keith from the Office of the Secretary says about Advancing Knowledge and Innovation. See the video here.

  • Enhance our technological and data capabilities for current and future needs
  • Foster and apply innovative solutions to health, public health and human services challenges
  • Increase our understanding of what works in public health and human services practice
  • Improve laboratory, surveillance and epidemiology capacity
  • Improve our integrated data system practices


Advance the Health, Safety and Well-Being of North Carolinians

See what Larry Michaels from the Division of Public Health says about Advancing the Health, Safety and Well-Being of North Carolinians. View the video here.

  • Promote the safety, well-being, resilience and healthy development of children and youth
  • Promote economic and social well-being for individuals, families and communities
  • Improve the accessibility and quality of supportive services for people with disabilities and older adults
  • Promote prevention and well-being across the life span
  • Reduce the occurrence of infectious diseases
  • Protect North Carolinians’ health and safety during emergencies and foster resilience to withstand and respond to emergencies


Ensure Efficiency, Transparency and Accountability of DHHS Programs

See what Kevin Kelley from the Division of Social Services says about Ensuring Efficiency, Transparency and Accountability of DHHS programs. View the video here.

  • Financial and results reporting are straightforward and understandable to managers, decision makers and taxpayers
  • Enhance access to and use of data to improve DHHS programs and to support improvements in the health and well-being of North Carolinians
  • Continuously enhance our agency-wide comprehensive communication plan for internal staff and external stakeholders


Create a Great Place to Work

See what Sheila Platts from the Division of Medical Assistance says about Creating a Great Place to Work. View the video here.

  • Strive to be a workplace that attracts and retains talented people
  • Develop and implement strategies to brand DHHS as the employer of choice
  • Employees work collaboratively to achieve results
  • Empower employees’ actions by providing well-defined expectations and supportive leadership
  • Employees are given the tools and resources needed to do their job
  • Develop strategies to ensure continuity in the workplace
  • Invest in professional development
  • Live our mission and vision