Data Sharing Guidebook

NCDHHS regularly shares data across divisions and offices, as well as with other local, state, and federal level government agencies and research partners. Both sharing and integrating data are common practices to support NCDHHS' operational goals.

The NCDHHS Data Sharing Guidebook is now available to support data sharing among NCDHHS Divisions and Offices as well as with Strategic Partners of NCDHHS.

This Guidebook:

  • Establishes clear pathways for data sharing and integration, for requestors and data owners;
  • Establishes a common legal framework for data sharing and integration across NCDHHS;
  • Supports data use that leads to improved data quality, insights, and improvements; and 
  • Clarifies processes to reduce the burden on staff requesting and granting access to data, increase efficiencies, and ensure privacy and security safeguards.

This Guidebook has been created by NCDHHS staff in collaboration with Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy (AISP) to establish clear(er) processes for data sharing and integration, both across NCDHHS (intradepartmental) and with external partners, including other State departments (interdepartmental). This is a guidebook for requestors (those who request data) and for data owners (those who have permission to share data). This document is not a policy manual, but if we adhere to the pathways described here, we will be better able to use data as a strategic asset across our department as a whole, while complying with relevant local, state, and federal law and regulations.

Read a memo from former Secretary Cohen about the Guidebook and how it can support data sharing among divisions in DHHS and with our strategic partners.