Healthy Opportunities Pilots at Work

NCDHHS has compiled key metrics and received stories about the impact the Pilots are having on North Carolinians’ lives. Below are some of the ways services are impacting Medicaid members. 

Key Metrics

Number of Enrollees 13,216
Percent of Service Authorizations Approved 97%
Number of Services Delivered 123,831 
Number of Invoices Submitted 139,780
Percent of Invoices Accepted, Paid, or In Progress 90%
Amount Paid for Service Delivery $21,114,214 

*Data through Aug. 31, 2023


Utility Assistance for a Grandmother

Following the death of his father, a child enrolled in Medicaid was placed under the guardianship of his grandmother, who moved into her recently deceased son’s home to care for her grandson. Soon after moving into the home, she learned there was an outstanding utility bill of $1,000. 

The grandmother found herself two months behind on payment and at risk of having the utilities cutoff. A care manager referred the child’s grandmother for utility assistance through the Healthy Opportunities Pilots, which was approved for $500, the full amount allowed. This assistance cut the total bill in half and drastically reduced the financial burden and stress on the child and his grandmother.

Keeping the Family Together

A single mother had been staying at a local shelter with her children but needed life-saving surgery. Her children couldn’t remain in the shelter without her, which left her in an impossible position. Mom had secured an emergency housing voucher, but it wasn’t enough to cover rent in the county where she would be receiving treatment.

Through the Healthy Opportunities Pilots, her care managers were able to help her transfer her housing voucher and secure income-based housing near the hospital. They also helped her access financial support for her security deposit and utility setup fees – all services that are covered for the Healthy Opportunities Pilots participants.

Now, mom is able to focus on her health, schedule needed medical care, and keep her family together under one roof with help from her friends and the Healthy Opportunities Pilots.

Healthy Food Boxes ‘Total Gamechanger’ for Family

An enrollee reported that after just a few weeks the Healthy Opportunities Pilots have had a tremendous impact on everyone in her home. She expressed appreciation for access to fresh and nutritious food, which had previously been challenging to obtain. The enrollee and her family faced physical and financial barriers to accessing the food necessary for her dietary requirements and often relied on less nutrient-dense options.

With access to better foods, the family is now eating well and meeting their nutritional needs. They all have more energy, cheerful moods and feel much better physically. The enrollee even reported that her “husband is excited about coming home for supper these days! He is so happy about the variety and colorful options” and they “have all come together more as a family to eat again.”

The enrollee stated that this is a “small joy in [my] heart, that as a mother, [I don’t] have to worry about how [I’m] going feed my family. No one should ever have that burden on their heart.” 

Good Food is Good Medicine

A staff member at a local food Human Service Organization (HSO) shared recently that a Healthy Opportunities Pilots enrollee informed them that their blood sugar level, which is used to manage their diabetes, was down from 11 percent to 7 percent. That’s down from an emergency to almost normal.

When the enrollee’s health care provider asked what they were doing differently, they said it was the healthy food they get through the Healthy Opportunities Pilots. The Healthy Opportunities Pilots staff member shared, “I am so honored to get to do this work in the community that raised me.”

The Pilots Have Literally Changed My Life

During a routine doctor’s appointment, an enrollee was identified as having multiple unmet health-related needs. The most pressing was transportation, as he had not had reliable transportation in five years. He lives in a rural county that does not have public transit and his car has needed constant repairs.

Through the Healthy Opportunities Pilots, he was able to have his brakes repaired, which has allowed him to keep medical appointments and reconnect with his community, which is helping with his depression.

In addition to the car repair, he is also receiving a fruit and vegetable prescription and his wood-burning furnace is being repaired just in time for winter. When asked about how the Healthy Opportunities Pilots have impacted him, he shared that “the Healthy Opportunities Pilots have literally changed my life.”

This page was last modified on 09/22/2023