Business Enterprise Program

The Business Enterprises Program gives legally blind participants the opportunity to operate their own food service or vending facility. This program provides initial training for potential licensees and ongoing counseling and management services to established operators.

  • The amount of training a participant receives depends on an individual's prior qualifications.
  • Facilities can be located in Federal and State Buildings, rest areas and welcome centers, and other private locations.
  • Facility operators retain the majority of the net proceeds. A small percentage goes to the Division of Services for the Blind (DSB) to assist with program operation expenses.


  • If you are a legally blind adult (18 or older), you are eligible to apply for this program.
  • You must be a US citizen, have no felonies and be physically able to perform the work.
  • You will be evaluated for basic academic skills, math and food service.

How to Apply

To become a facility operator:

  • Successfully complete Business Enterprises training course and the on-the-job training with an established facility operator
  • Become licensed by the DSB
  • Apply for, and successfully compete for a vacant facility


After you have received a vacant location you will enter into a contractual agreement with the DSB. If you would like more information about the Business Enterprise Program, please contact the closest DSB District Office.