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DHHS Seeks Public Input on Detailed Medicaid Managed Care Proposed Design

Medicaid managed care

DHHS released a proposed program design for N.C. Medicaid managed care.

Aug. 31, 2017 — Earlier this month, the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services released its Medicaid managed care proposed program design for the state’s Medicaid and NC Health Choice programs.

The proposed design includes more detail than the Section 1115 waiver application sent to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in June 2016. This added information introduces providers and other stakeholders to the DHHS vision for the Medicaid and NC Health Choice programs and provides the opportunity to prepare for the upcoming transition from fee-for-service to managed care in June 2019.

DHHS is encouraging stakeholders to provide feedback on the proposed program design by sending an email to Feedback received by Sept. 8 will be used by DHHS as it prepares a revised waiver to be submitted to CMS in the fall.

The proposed design is tailored for North Carolina’s strengths and needs, and includes support for:

  • integrating behavioral and physical health services;
  • addressing unmet social needs;
  • building on and strengthening what is working today, such as care management; and
  • assisting providers and beneficiaries though the transition to managed care and beyond.

“We have put forward a detailed proposed design for a Medicaid managed care system that will deliver an innovative, whole-person-centered, well-coordinated system of care,” said Dr. Mandy Cohen, Secretary of DHHS. “We are grateful for the thoughtful insights provided by hundreds of health care professionals, beneficiaries and other stakeholders, and DHHS welcomes feedback on this proposal.”

Visit the Medicaid Transformation section on the DHHS website to read the proposed program design and other transformation materials.

Julia Schoenberger