Preparing for Success

In addition to the training program curriculum, all students will participate in training to equip them with skills that are in demand in all workplaces.

Vocational Enrichment
This course is designed to assist students to maintain and enhance basic academic skills. The ability to apply reading, writing, and mathematical operations in everyday life and in the workplace is essential to success. This course will assist in the development of these skills so that they may be applied in either setting.

Succeeding in the Workplace
This course assists students in preparing for job interviews. Training includes the job-application process, skills identification, interviewing skills, networking, organization skills, résumé development, and overcoming barriers to employment.

This class will enhance individuals’ knowledge of human rights, respect for self and others, how to make independent decisions to work towards personal goals, and to use assertive communication to ask for what is needed.

Customer Service
The Customer Service program offers training to prepare students for work in any customer service industry. After completing the program, students should possess the skills to work in a variety of fields with a better understanding of how to interact with customers, co-workers, and employers.