Down Syndrome - Resources

North Carolina provides services to people with Down syndrome and other disabilities in a variety of ways. There are also many community resources, advocacy groups, support groups and associations.
Down syndrome is considered a developmental disability and a person may access services in a variety of ways. To determine if your eligibility and explore options in your community please contact your Local Management Entity – Managed Care Organization (LME-MCO). LME-MCOs are the organizations that oversee the delivery of both Medicaid and State-funded services. By contacting your LME-MCO a representative will be able to connect you to local service providers. 
Levine Children's Hospital: The board-certified genetics physicians, counselors and support staff (rehabilitative therapists, social worker, and nutritionist) at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte work with children and their families to diagnose genetic conditions, provide genetic counseling and recommend treatment and/or rehabilitation.

Local/Regional Organizations