LME/MCO Dashboard

Improving Behavioral Health is a top priority at NCDHHS. We’ve created a Department-wide monthly dashboard of key outcomes of the Behavioral Health System.  Our goal is a tool that highlights our shared priorities and opportunities for improvement.  When something needs improvement, the goal is to start a conversation on how things could be better, and discovering all the pieces at play.  If we can better define the problem, we can better work together to solve it.

LME/MCO Dashboard   

April Dashboard                     
May Dashboard                             
June Dashboard                  
July Dashboard 


Annual Reports

Annual Statistical Reports                             
Annual Synar Report

Block Grant Reports

SABG (Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant)                             
MHBG (Community Mental Health Services Block Grant)

General Assembly

Reports to the General Assembly Including: Death & Restraint Laws/Rules Compliance, DWI, General.

Local Management Entities/Managed Care Organization Reports

LME/MCO Monitoring Reports                             
Performance Contracts Quarterly Reports                             
Rate Reports


Consumer Perception of Care Reports                             
National Core Indicators                             
Transitions to Community Living Quality of Life Survey

System Reports

NC-TOPPS Reports                             
Veterans & Military Report