Health Equity Partnership Engagement


The Office of Health Equity (OHE) works with various communities and partner groups, including community and faith-based organizations, legislative and policy groups, and service providers. These partnerships are crucial to sharing health matters that are important to local communities across the state, identifying solution-seeking approaches to eliminate health disparities, making resource connections to build healthier communities, and making plans for action to keep our communities healthy and safe.  

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This webpage will serve as a resource hub for community and partnership engagement. This section aims to provide support and information to community-based organizations that work to eliminate health disparities across North Carolina.  

GOAL 1: Identify community-based organizations (CBOs), faith-based, tribal groups, local health departments, community health centers, community health workers, health educators, patient navigators, etc. that serve historically marginalized populations and develop a statewide resource network.

GOAL 2: Convene regional networking meetings for partner groups for the purpose of sharing information on best practice models for health equity, identifying current trends in health disparities in North Carolina, networking and giving input into the development strategies, community-based toolkit resources etc. to be used by CBOs.

GOAL 3: Create and distribute communication, messaging, education opportunities, and toolkits.  

GOAL 4: Foster opportunities for community-driven leadership, coordination, trusted messenger and advisors on health equity strategies, interventions, policy, systems and environmental changes.

The following are community-based and faith-based organizations that OHE currently partners with:

Community Level:

State Level:

The following are legislative, statewide, and policy organizations that OHE partners with:

The following are service delivery organizations that OHE partners with:

All the organizations listed on this page represent a wide range of communities within North Carolina. Though there are many organizations listed, it may not cover all groups or communities that OHE wishes to partner with. At NCDHHS and OHE, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive organization where everyone’s voice is heard. We are always working to update this list and partner with as many communities and organizations as possible.