You Can Live Vape Free

Ready to quit vaping? We’re here to help.

Live Vape Free is a free, confidential service for North Carolina teens age 13 to 17 who want to quit vaping. Teens can text VAPEFREENC to 873373 to access 24/7 coaching and support over text – no phone call required.

E-cigarette aerosol is not harmless water vapor. Nearly all e-cigarettes contain nicotine – the addictive drug in regular cigarettes, cigars, and other tobacco products. Nicotine can impact learning, memory, and attention. Other chemicals in e-cigarettes include propylene glycol (found in antifreeze), formaldehyde and actaldehyde (can cause cancer), diacetyl (linked to a lung disease called popcorn lung), heavy metals (such as tin and nickel), and ultrafine particles (known to cause heart and lung damage).

What happens when I text?

You’ll answer a few quick questions to register for the program. You are not required to provide your full name, address or other identifying information. And you do not have to get your parent or guardian’s permission to participate.

After you are registered, if you would like to text directly with a Coach, text COACH and within minutes, you’ll be connected to a coach for personalized support that is totally free and completely confidential. Our coaches are here to help you on your journey to living vape free and will never shame or blame you.

I’m 18+ and want help quitting:

QuitlineNC is available via call or text and provides free quit coaching 24/7. Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669), text Ready (or Listo for Spanish)  to 34191 or register online

All information remains confidential.  

This is Quitting is a text-to-quit program run by The Truth Initiative that is available to young adults. Text DITCHVAPE to 88709 to enroll.

I'm a Parent or Concerned Adult, and I need help!

To join Live Vape Free's parent/concerned adult program, visit this link to register.

I want to help spread the word about Live Vape Free:

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