Polk County Department of Social Services

Address: 231 Wolverine Trail, Mill Spring, NC 28756 
State Courier #: 06-74-02
Phone: 828-894-2100  
Fax Number: 828-894-6326
Emergency Phone: 828-894-0187

Key Staff 
Polk County Health and Human Services Director: Joshua Kennedy

Senior Social Work Service Manager: Kim Wilson, 828-722-5207

Budget Operations Manager: Linda Flynn, 828-722-5202

CPS Intake/Family & Investigative Assessments/In Home Services: Robin Elliott, 828-722-5204 

Adult Protective Services Supervisor: Robin Elliott, 828-722-5204

Foster Care Supervisor/Foster Parent Licensing/Adoptions: Melani Lainhart, 828-722-5206

Adult Care Home Specialist: Tammy Collins, 828-722-5181

Child Day Care Subsidy: Courtney Holder, 828-722-5180

Economic Services Manager/Health Choice for Children Supervisor/Adult Medicaid Supervisor/Family and Children Medicaid Supervisor: Pallas Edwards, 828-722-5205

Food and Nutrition Services Supervisor/Work First Employment Program Supervisor: Calan Halford, 828-722-5203

Child Support Enforcement: Becky Warriner, 828-250-6340
Veritas, Inc.

Consolidated Human Services Board

Board of Commissioners

NC General Assembly Delegation