Additional Services

Each student must have completed a vocational evaluation, which may be conducted by your VR Counselor prior to admission. If you have not yet completed a vocational evaluation, WSE will conduct an evaluation over a two-week period to determine your strengths, interests, and work behaviors and identify the most appropriate training area for you.

Vocational Training
After your evaluation is complete you will then move into your official training. The training will last approximately four months. 

Support Services
Case Managers and Transition Coordinators help students achieve their goals by providing counseling on job-related concerns. Students work closely with their Case Managers to develop personalized training plans which focus on work needs and transitioning back to the community. Support services staff also help obtain medical and other services required during training.

Progress Review Staffings
Every four weeks there will be a progress review staffing with you, your instructor, your VR counselor, transition coordinator, case manager, and anyone else that you would like to attend. The team will review the progress you have made and discuss any problems or issues. 

WorkSource East Student Council
All our students belong to the Student Council which meets the first Friday of each month at 9:00 am. The Student Council’s purpose is to develop and maintain a support program for students while encouraging leadership skills. The Student Council has input on facility issues and policies. Occasionally, guest speakers are invited to provide valuable information at these meetings.

Towards the end of your training, you may be offered a community internship if you meet eligibility requirements. This is a chance for you to put into practice the things you have learned while in training. It is a paid internship with an employer in the field you trained in.

When all the areas on your training plan have been successfully completed and you have achieved at least 80 percent of the objectives of your training course, you will have completed the program and will receive a certificate.

We have two graduation ceremonies each year to recognize students who have successfully completed the training program in June and December. Students that finish any time during the year will return to celebrate and are joined by family and friends.