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General Questions

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They must start with their local VR office and become eligible for VR services. The VR counselor will complete the referral packet that is sent to WorkSource East.

No, WorkSource East is an option for any VR client, regardless of age.  

The cost of the program varies based on the type of student attending (High School Student, Community Student, or Residential Student) and the student’s eligibility for financial assistance. For more specific cost information, contact your VR counselor directly or reach out to your local VR office.

Yes. They would just need to let their WSE Case Manager know they are going on vacation. If they are aware of the scheduled vacation upon receiving a start date, please make the Casework Technician aware as the start date can be adjusted, or they can take note of when the vacation is taking place and share as well. 

During the initial assessment period and depending on available space, students may be able to split their time between two programs. By the end of their assessment period, the student will choose one training program to focus on, and their training plan will be designed around that specific program. 

No. When someone successfully completes their training program, we want them to return to their community with the goal of going to work. If the client is unsuccessful in achieving their goal for employment in their selected training area, returning to WSE for a different training may be a feasible option. 

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Magnolia Place

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No. The referral for WSE is also the referral for Magnolia Place. 

Yes, if they make Magnolia Place staff aware that they are going home. 

Yes, visitors are permitted after 4:00 pm during the week and anytime during the weekend. When friends and family enter the building, they must sign in. 

Yes. It is important that any snack wrappers be thrown away and any crumbs cleaned up to promote cleanliness and respect for their living area.

Twin-sized beds are provided and there are some extended twins for taller students. 

No. Magnolia Place provides bedding, but students are welcome to bring their own to make their room feel a little bit more like home.