ENCORE: The Electronic Network Centered on Rehabilitation Effectiveness

The NC Department of Health and Human Services began a phased deployment of a new case management system known as ENCORE (Electronic Network Centered on Rehabilitation Effectiveness) on Aug. 23. ENCORE is a cloud-based platform that replaces an end-of-lifecycle system with a modern, agile, and responsive case management system. The Division of Services for the Blind and Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services use ENCORE to deliver vital services that help North Carolinians with disabilities achieve their goals for competitive integrated employment, more independent living, and increased economic self-sufficiency. 

ENCORE is an integrated case management system designed to support North Carolinians enrolled in state vocational rehabilitation and independent living programs. Increased automation in the new system will streamline tasks, enhance security, and improve reporting processes. ENCORE’s flexible interface allows staff to access it from any device, including mobile phones and laptops, which will improve service to clients in rural and remote areas. 

ENCORE will be deployed in three phases: Phase 1 users include NCDHHS staff and other government stakeholders, along with Community Rehabilitation Program partners. Additional functionality will be deployed in 2024-2025, and the system will be available to additional users, including potential clients interested in applying for vocational rehabilitation and independent living services.

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