Governor McCrory Secures Extended Hot Food Waiver for All 100 Counties


Governor Pat McCrory’s request was approved today to extend the statewide hot food waiver until November 30. This measure will help meet the needs of individuals and families still affected by Hurricane Matthew.

“As we continue to recover from Hurricane Matthew, this action will help ensure that people receiving food assistance who are displaced from their homes and cannot cook will be able to purchase hot food, especially during the Thanksgiving holiday,” Governor McCrory said. “Things that so many of us take for granted, like preparing a hot meal, are not yet a viable option for many people displaced by Hurricane Matthew.”

The U.S. Department of Agriculture previously approved North Carolina’s request for a hot meal waiver in all 100 counties until November 14. This waiver allows Food and Nutrition Services recipients to purchase hot meals prepared for immediate consumption from authorized Electronic Benefits Transfer retailers.

Many citizens continue to feel the effects of Hurricane Matthew, with residents in several counties still suffering from property loss and damage. More than 1,800 families continue to live in temporary housing, and 175 citizens remain in shelters in eastern North Carolina. To continue accommodating all Food and Nutrition Services recipients impacted by the hurricane, Governor McCrory requested and received approval from U.S. Department of Agriculture for the hot food waiver extension across the state.

The governor has encouraged individuals and groups to help in the relief efforts by making a financial or other contribution. Monetary contributions to the North Carolina Disaster Relief Fund for Hurricane Matthew can be made by texting NCRECOVERS to 30306 or by visiting This is one of the best ways to help fund long-term recovery efforts.

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