NC Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services Helps More Than 5,000 Find Jobs in 2018


Last year the NC Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS) helped more than 5,000 individuals with disabilities find competitive, integrated employment. 

These employment successes are a direct result of collaborative efforts involving consumers, vocational rehabilitation staff and Community Rehabilitation Programs, which offer a range of employment-related training and support services. Since 2014, DVRS has helped more than 29,000 people with a disability secure competitive integrated employment in their communities.

“This is exactly what we are here to do: assist North Carolinians with disabilities in planning for, working toward and achieving their career goals,” said DVRS Director Kathie B. Trotter. “The business gains a qualified, productive employee and the job seeker increases his or her independence and self-sufficiency, which also benefits families and communities.”

The work of DVRS counselors and the agency’s business relations representatives is critical as only 35 percent of the 720,000 working age North Carolinians with a disability are employed. 

According to the North Carolina State Rehabilitation Council’s 2018 Annual Report, 5,122 individuals with a disability successfully exited the DVRS program, securing competitive integrated employment. 

Other highlights of the 2018 fiscal year include: 

Among these DVRS success stories is Cody Kincaid who worked with his business relations representative, counselors at the Morganton Vocational Rehabilitation office and the Burke County NCWorks Career Center to find a job with Jackson Corrugated making $15 an hour and benefits. 

In eastern North Carolina, small business specialists and the Wilmington Vocational Rehabilitation office helped Darlene Lane achieve her employment goal of starting her own business. Dee’s Power Up Cleaning Services has won contracts to clean public and private sector buildings and profits continue to grow.

After working with the Lumberton Vocational Rehabilitation office for several years, Lenwood Graham in Scotland County began his career at Scotland Correctional Institution making over $30,000 annually with full benefits. 

Their achievements and the successes of thousands of others are reflected in the North Carolina State Rehabilitation Council’s 2018 data. To learn more, read the report online at

The North Carolina State Rehabilitation Council serves a federally-mandated role to advise, evaluate and partner with DVRS to promote employment and independence for people with disabilities. Members are volunteer public servants, representing an array of disability advocacy and stakeholder groups. 

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